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Shape Maker. New version new possibilities.

Updated: May 20, 2021

Last week I started testing a new version of Shape Maker.

What's new in this version:

- added import of IGES files from Catia.

- changed the order of selection of elements. The last entered element is now selected first.

- added a new function to arrange a set of surface control points network. This function shows good results when smoothing lines of angles of equal slope of the surface.

- the function of smoothing the area of ​​control points is faster and more accurate. This function is also used when smoothing lines and rows of surface control points.

- fixed an old bug with object snapping when scaling the cursor.

- OPENGL graphics optimized according to the latest Windows 10 updates.

- the ORTO function now works if the cursor is near the vertical or horizontal, in all other cases the NO ORTO mode works. Thus, there was no need to switch these modes.

- changed the algorithm for editing curve nodes. Now the same algorithm is used as for editing an arbitrary point on a curve.

- Optimized data transfer for volume calculation in hydrostatics. A new file is created only when the surface geometry changes.

- the results of hydrostatics calculations are saved in the command output window and simultaneously in a special text file. This allows for better tracking of parameter changes as the shape of the enclosure changes. This file can be opened automatically after performing calculations.

- added new element - panel. This element allows you to combine related groups of surfaces and build volumes from them. Now it is possible to describe almost any compartments of the ship's hull for transfer it to the hydrostatics calculation module. Compartments can be assembled from any number of panels of any configuration, both flat and curved. The geometry of the compartments is automatically changed when the base surfaces of the panel change. For example, moving a transverse bulkhead changes the geometry of all compartments adjacent to it. The panel element completely solves the problem of setting and automatically modifying the hull compartments when changing the surface shape.

Hull surface and top deck.
Hull surface and top deck.

Compartment for Gross tonnage calculations.
Compartment for Gross tonnage calculations.

- added module for viewing the hydrostatics file. Now the user can read the main characteristics of the hull for a given draft, roll and trim.

Compartment viewer with same compartment.
Compartment viewer with same compartment.

The official release of the new version is expected in June this year.

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Actually I am very happy with this new panels. It is a key to make complicated compartments more easy and huge step forward in calculations automatization.

Me gusta

Christos Spanias
Christos Spanias
19 may 2021

this is great & I am looking forward

Me gusta
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