Here is collection of some Shape Maker hull lines models. You can download most suitable for you and transform it.  Just klick on image to download ZIP file.

Fast speed boat.

It is an example how such hull shape can be build. Model can be scaled and transformed by different transform functions in Shape Maker. 


Sail yacht hull.

This is most simple shape for modeling, but can be a good example to start learning Shape Maker.


Fast speed boat with more simple shape.

It is more of less same as first one, but without horizontal redans.


Container ship model.

It can be a good example of how to build models with definition of slat side and flat bottom as separate surfaces.


Double ended ferry model.

It is little bit strange project for me. Both end of ferry presented in model, but in general most simple way is to make one end only. The coordinate system is in mid ship.


Fishing boat model.

Main surface in fore ship made as one  patch without definition of flat bottom. Sometimes, when real flat bottom area very small it is OK. Aft skeg very simple. Knuckle line between skeg and main aft surface  connected to midship by point on line.


Simplified hull shape fishing boat model.

It is more or less same model as previous one, but with more simple hull shape for production.


Fishing vessel model with more classic shape.

One of the most classic lines for fishing vessels presented in this model.


Live fish carrier model.

It is another example of aft ship spliting for patches of surfaces.


Patrol boat model.

It is not a big difference form fast speed boats above, just little bit different shape.


Pilot boat model.

One more example of surface patches splitting with tunnel shape in aftship. 


Hull with anchor pocket and side trusters.

Example of modeling side trusters and anchor pocket.


River going barge.

That was just a student's project.


Classic yacht.

Restoration of 100 yeas old yacht.



Catamaran model example with bridge surface and top cover.



Catamaran model example with bridge surface and symmetrical hull shape build with mirror driver.


Developable surface model.

Boat model based only on  developable surfaces. Modification of this surface you can do bay moving vertexes of cones, change geometry of bilge line, transom and deck.


One more container ship model.

Small container ship model. It can be easy adjust and transform.


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