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Shape Maker user manual.

Contain detailed description of functions an commands. Present version is little bit old compare with some new features. Will be updated as soon as possible.   

Shape Maker user guide

Shape Maker training manual.

Before you start using the program, read the initial chapters of this manual carefully. The initial chapters describe the basic principles of the program, the mathematical model, the input and modification of the shape of curves and surfaces. We recommend that you pay special attention to surface topology and object bindings. As a rule, object bindings are the most difficult to understand. However, object bindings and topology are an important prerequisite for creating correct, easily modifiable, topological models.


Then refer to the chapter "First project" and try to repeat in your version of the program all the same, that is recommended in this chapter. Following these guidelines, after reading the chapter, you will get the initial skills of working with the program and the first project made in the program shaper maker.

Shape Maker training maual

Shape Maker presentation materials.

It is just for first impression of the Shape Maker. Or it can be also useful to show it someone else, who is looking for such software.

Shape Maker presentation
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