Most complicated hull form I ever made.

Some time ago, while looking at old projects, I discovered this icebreaking tugboat. And, even now, I can say that it was one of the most complex forms of hull that I have ever made. The shape is very unusual and has many limitations that must be satisfied. This is the angle of entry of the waterline of the bow, stern knives, a flat area in the stern above the azimuth thrusters, a special form of frames in the mid-ship area. In this case, it was required to observe the smoothness of the hull surface for workshop documentation and building. I remember, I am only thinking about how to split this surface right way more than a week. Special requirements for the smoothness of the hull were also imposed because the shell plates of the hull had a rather large thickness and any problems with the surface would lead to problems in the bending of these shell plates. Finally, everything worked out very well. The old model even now looks almost perfect, despite the fact that at the time when I did it, many useful functions in the program were not yet implemented.

The smoothed surface was transferred to Foran for the production of workshop documentation and the shipyard did not have any questions about the hull surface and shell plates. The vessel has shown its effectiveness and is still operating. Sometimes it seems to me that by modeling the surface of the hull we create a fundamental sculpture. It is a pity that most of this sculpture is almost all the time under water.

Hull lines and the 3D model.

View from aft ship.

Fore ship.

Aft ship ice knifs, skeg and flat platform abowe azimuth thruster.

Bilge area form.

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