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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Shape Maker is not only about modeling and smoothing the surface of the ship's hull. Thanks to the ability to define almost any line on the surface of the ship's hull, Shape Maker allows you to solve a wide range of tasks related to the surface.

Hull with shell plates.

It is one of the most important and complex tasks arising in the preparation of production is the definition and folding of the hull shell plates. Shape Maker has a built-in module for shell plates. The method used when unfolding the shell plates allows you to unfold any shell plates and takes into account the plastic deformation of the metal. Shell plates that are folded without deformation are also supported by this mathematical model. The structure of the block tree allows you to group shell plates by building unit and issue a complete set of bending and production information for each unit.

Shell plate properties.

Sheet bending documentation allows you to create a wide range of bending templates that can be used for both manual marking and CNC cutting. Information on the contours of the shell plates is issued on a 1:1 scale in the DXF format for cutting metal. In addition, a summary table of the characteristics of shell plates parts, their weight and centers of gravity is issued for each section.

Title page for shell plate.

An expanded sheathing sheet may contain a contour, allowance, or green material lines, marking lines for connected hull structural parts. Shrinkage factor for shell plates can be take into account during folding process. The slots for slot welding are also supported. The shell plate also contains information about the orientation of the shell plate in the ship's coordinate system.

Folded shell plate with marking lines.

Shell plate contour with dimesion for manual cutting.

Shell plates templates example.

Unit shell plate setch example.

This module can be used both in pre-production for a new vessel and for replacement of shell plates on an existing vessel. The accuracy of the shell plates folding has been verified by repeated practice on various types of ships.

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