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Learn the Shape Maker. Final surface fairing video training.

This is one in a series of tutorial videos that show you how to a hull surface fairing ready for production in ShapeMaker. This is a classic example of surface smoothing for use in the production of workshop documentation and the construction of a ship's hull in a shipyard.

The surface to be smoothed was obtained from the design office. Due to the presence of a large number of defects in shape and a large number of surface patches, such a surface is not suitable for use in production. When smoothing, we replace the original surface with a new patch. The fitting process is based on approaching the original prototype with a sequential increase in the number of control points. A combination of manual and semi-automatic fairing methods are used. This method allows you to get a high-quality smoothed surface in a fairly short time. The video demonstrates the whole process of nose tip smoothing in almost real time. A wide range of surface quality control tools show all surface defects.

This technology has been tested on many real projects and has always received only positive feedback from shipyards in many countries.

For a better presentation, it is recommended to watch the video in full screen mode.

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